Film exhibition ‘The Holocaust and the optics of justice’. Screening of Judgment at Nuremberg

Casa de América and Centro Sefarad-Israel are organizing this film exhibition as part of Holocaust Remembrance Month.

With the end of World War II, many courts and jurists asked how to judge a crime of such dimensions never before seen in the history of mankind as the Holocaust. The Nuremberg trials became the paradigm for the judicial treatment of the Shoah, but there was more. And all of them made societies of different countries and cultures reflect on the atrocities that were committed especially against the Jewish people.

For this reason, the film exhibition that Casa de América and Centro Sefarad-Israel have been organizing for more than five years in connection with Holocaust Remembrance Month will be dedicated in this edition to the perspective of justice in the face of the Shoah. From different points of view and under the title “The Holocaust and the optics of justice”, three films will offer different approaches to the post-World War II legal proceedings. “The Holocaust and the optics of justice” three films will offer, from the collective and the personal, diverse approaches to post-World War II legal proceedings.

The third of the films will be the Oscar-winning ‘Judgment at Nuremberg’

Judgment at Nuremberg
Year: 1961
Director: Stanley Kramer
Script: Abbrey Man

Duration: 186 minutes

Synopsis: In 1948, three years after the end of World War II (1939-1945), four judges, accomplices of the Nazi policy of sterilization and ethnic cleansing, are to be tried in Nuremberg. Dan Haywood (Spencer Tracy), a retired American judge, has the important responsibility of presiding over this trial against Nazi war crimes.

Cast: Spencer Tracy,


Jan 26 2022




Casa de América, Iberia Room
Plaza de Cibeles 2, Madrid


Centro Sefarad-Israel

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