Below you will find frequently asked questions about the exhibition.

Is the exhibition open?

Yes, the exhibition is open to the public from:

Tuesday to Saturday,
11.00–14.00 and 16.00–20.00.

The exhibition is closed on Mondays, Sundays and public holidays.

Do I need to reserve a ticket to visit the exhibition?

No, the exhibition is free and open to everyone, although there are limits to how many visitors we can accommodate at any one time. You are welcome to contact us before your visit to ask about visitor numbers or the quietest times to visit.

How long will it take to see the exhibition?

We recommend between 45 and 60 minutes, although you can stay as long as you like. Please note the building closes at 20.30.

Is the exhibition accessible to people with reduced mobility?

The Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea, which is hosting Seeing Auschwitz during its time in Donostia / San Sebastian is adapted for visitors with reduced mobility and pushchairs. There are also plenty of rest areas throughout the exhibition. Please contact us for any special needs and we will do our best to help you.

Can I take photographs during my visit to Seeing Auschwitz?

Yes, the use of mobile phones and cameras is allowed. However, flash photography and the use of tripods, selfie sticks and other devices that can obstruct the movement and visibility of other visitors are not allowed. If you take photographs, please respect the memory of the victims and share your experience on social media, tagging us and using the official hashtag for the exhibition (#SeeingAuschwitz).

How long will the exhibition be in Donostia / San Sebastian?

The exhibition will be at Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea until 3 July.

Are there measures in place to ensure the safety of visitors in light of COVID-19?

The Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea has adopted a range of measures to ensure all visits to Seeing Auschwitz and other parts of the building are completely safe. See the full safety policy for more details.*

How can I contact customer service?

Please send your queries or suggestions to info@seeing-auschwitz.com Alternatively you can call us on (+34) 943 11 27 56.

Are there guided visits?

During the exhibition’s time at the Koldo Mitxelena Cultural Centre, there are free guided visits in Basque and Spanish every Thursday at 17.00.

For more information, contact the Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea at info@komazk.com or by phoning +34 678 20 46 35.

Is the exhibition suitable for children?

The content of the exhibition has been developed by a multidisciplinary team that includes experts in education to ensure all visitors can make the most of their visit and understand the events covered by the exhibition, regardless of their prior historic knowledge. In fact, many of our visitors are school pupils studying the Second World War as part of the secondary history curriculum.

The exhibition has also been designed based on a profound sense of respect for the victims and our visitors and is free from representations of explicit gratuitous violence. Significant effort has been made to consider the emotional impact of the events covered by the exhibition on visitors, providing a safe space to explore the history of Auschwitz in order to better understand it and make sense of it themselves.

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